Simplify Treasury Technology

At Faulder Consulting, we are dedicated to assisting Treasury Departments simplify Treasury Technology and achieve maximum value from their existing IT investments.

simplify treasury technology

Faulder Consulting provides a wide range of Treasury technology related advise.  Our services include training, upgrade assistance, System Selection and Implementation, project management, health checks, and system compliance reviews (Policy, IAS39 [AASB139], IFRS7, IFRS9).

Does your treasury technology appear to have evolved over the years? Do you find it now includes multiple systems that fail to work together? Is reporting held together with the ubiquitous Excel spreadsheets? Faulder Consulting can help you move to a cleaner, simpler world.


Ever present changes and the challenges to the financial landscape can make it difficult to keep up.  More companies are now taking time to review their existing Treasury technology solution.  Faulder Consulting has pulled together lessons learned and best practice to create a new Treasury System Selection service.  More details can be found here.


Welcome to the new look Faulder Consulting website.  After 10 years we thought it time to modernise our shopfront so please have a look through and let us know what you think.

IFRS 9 is here.  While many of the ealier concepts introduced by IAS39 remain, the move to an Expected Loss Model (ELM) and the lessening of the 80/125 does bring some complex system implications.  Faulder Consulting can assist you adopting IFRS 9.