Independent Treasury System Advice

Faulder Consulting was founded by Geoff Faulder in order to provide high quality Independent Treasury SystIndependent Treasury System Adviceem advice and services to those that need it. Advice that is without any conflict of interest and with a focus on strategic recommendations rather than making Technology product sales.

We are a consulting services organisation focused on providing independent technology assistance to Corporate Treasury and Investment operations.  Over 30 years experience allows Geoff to assist clients through providing a mix of technology and treasury/finance experience and deliver the communication link between software suppliers, service providers and Treasury/Investment departments.

Geoff understands that every Treasury Department’s situation and requirement set are unique and he is skilled in devising technology strategies that meet modern corporate needs.  Geoff believes that many solutions today have evolved over time and do not represent necessarily the most straight forward method for achieving the desired function. Many in fact fail to deliver the required function.

Geoff has had over 30 years experience specifically in the field of Treasury Technology and has worked for some of the larger names in the industry.

More information on Geoff’s back ground and capabilities can be found here.