Post Project Review

Post Project ReviewProject Review

The project is completed. The go live celebration has been enjoyed, the old system is still ticking away in the background but we can all breath a sigh of relief that the project is over.  Let’s get on with our day jobs.  Sound Familiar?  Most IT projects end with these emotions and few have the energy or inclination to go back and review the original business case in light of what has been achieved.  But a Post Project Review is essential not only to ensure the original business justifications are met but also to identify any additional benefits that may not have been recognised prior to the project.  Now is the time not only to consolidate on your IT investment but to leverage it for greater return.

Outcome:        Identified and prioritized steps to ensure post project activity is taken to meet original business case and leverage from new capability.

Objective:       Ensure project delivers on expected return on investment. Where it is possible, increase return on investment through leverage on new capability.


A Post project review is an independent analysis of delivered business benefits versus originally proposed business benefits in conjunction with overall cost to delivery.

The review also investigates newly available benefits that may not have been evident during the initial business case development but made available through the introduction of new technology and function.

The review results in a series of prioritized and costed steps to meet original project justification and also to extend beyond initial project benefits.

Project Review also looks at engagement of stakeholders throughout the project life cycles to ensure all requirements were met.

Lessons learned are documented with the resulting report detailing:

  • Prioritised plan to meet original objectives
  • Prioritised plan to gain additional advantage
  • Costings on proposed planning items
  • Recommendations on project approach given lessons learned.