Treasury Compliance Review

Treasury Compliance ReviewTreasury Compliance Review

The requirements  of compliance and reporting has been experiencing ever increasing complexity since the GFC.  While the cost of compliance is often focused on, the cost of non-compliance cannot be under estimated.  The company’s reputation risk is linked directly to Treasury’s ability to extract and report accurately according to market accepted standards.  Here approximations bring their own risk and the ability to accurately and consistently report the required information is paramount.  The Treasury Compliance Review service focuses on your prescribed accounting and internal standards and the effort and process in producing the mandated reporting.

Outcome:        Reduce effort and cost in relation to the complying with industry standards and internal policies

Objective:       Minimize manual activity and maximize technology support in meeting AASB139, IFRS7 and internal compliance requirements.


 The compliance review focuses on your systems and surrounding procedures capability to meet AASB and IFRS standards.  Internal policy support including the production of regular management reports as well as necessary system security is also included in this review.

AASB139 and IFRS9 requires system support from the decision making process through to final accounting and reporting, this review follows the complete treasury process to ensure maximum automation is achieved.

IFRS7 and internal management reporting is necessarily tied very closely, the review ensures consistency between your reporting requirements under IFRS7 and your reporting requirements in terms of existing risk management policy.

Sarbanes Oxley compliance has impacts on the security surrounding your treasury system.  How your system is configured to meet SoX requirements is key in ensuring overall compliance.

The compliance review service covers these key areas of your operation.