Treasury System Health Check

Treasury System Health Check

Whether you have not adjusted your system for years or if you have just completed a major upgrade, a Treasury System Health CheckTreasury System Health Check will help ensure you are maintaining the best value you can receive from your Treasury System investment.

Outcome:        Reduce effort and cost in relation to the undertaking of current system and manual processes open to automation

Objective:       Maximize value received from existing treasury technology, identify and quantify potential improvements through additional capability


System health checks are designed around an initial review of existing treasury processes focusing on areas that are effort intensive and time consuming, prone to error or represent operational risk.

The system health check service includes the documentation and presentation to management of a health check report highlighting and prioritizing review findings along with recommendations for improvement.

Report recommendations are presented in the form of an overall program of work, expected benefits, estimated costs and timeframes. Where action items are pre-requisites for other activities in the program, such inter-dependencies are highlighted.