Treasury System Security

Treasury System Securitysystem security

Maintenance, Security. Never very attractive propositions but unfortunately essential.  You wouldn’t leave your home or office with an unlocked door or allow a past acquaintance continued access to your house but how’s your treasury system secured?  Have you had recent and not so recent employees move on to other roles or other companies and yet retain their system privileges?  When was the last time you reviewed the areas staff had access and ensured this met with your company policy and general requirements.  With the increased use of Cloud based services, system security and access has taken on an even greater importance with the removal of physical barriers to access.  This service is aimed at reviewing your system setup and ensuring it meets with your IT security policy and current roles for employees.

Outcome:        Reduce risk of unauthorized actions being undertaken within System

Objective:       Identify flaws in current security setup and review processes more maintaining secure systems.


The security review focuses on your systems login, passwords, and permissions setup and ensures they are compliant with existing policy.

Past amendments to staff access is also checked to ensure appropriate changes to functional access and authority levels.

Examples of this may be where back office staff have moved into a front office position or where front office staff have moved into an authorization or middle office position.  Past employees details are also reviewed to ensure they are no longer active.

The Security Review produces a review report detailing the above and highlighting any possible security issues or anomalies

In order to ensure ongoing maintenance of security set up within your system, the Security Review can also include the documentation and training of staff on improved processes and procedures surrounding this important area of system operation.