Treasury Technology Training

Treasury Technology TrainingTreasury Technology Training

Faulder Consulting offers a range of Treasury Technology Training aimed at ensuring Treasury staff have all the required skills and knowledge to make the most use of their available solution.  Training can be provided to new staff unfamiliar with your chosen system or to existing and experienced staff looking to obtain and edge in their use of technology.

Outcome:        Better skilled staff gaining more efficiency from existing Treasury technology.

Objective:       Ensure staff has appropriate skills to maximize use and benefit of available technology


The training service is a highly customized service that focuses on 7 key areas of skills transfer:

  • System Capability Overview
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Audit and Controls
  • System Management
  • Reporting (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Risk Management

Other more customized courses can be prepared and offered upon request

The training service starts with a review of your training requirements which in turn feeds into the preparation of customized and specific training material for your organization.

Prepared training material can be presented either through a train the trainer approach or by Faulder Consulting directly to staff.

Training packs and course notes remain with the client after the training. The training service also includes a review on training effectiveness following completion of the course material.